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HD Stuffed Animals

January 31, 2009
CuddleWorks is proud to announce the latest innovation in online shopping. HD Stuffed Animals allow our customers to view the entire stuffed animal in a 360 degree Hi-Def view. Know exactly what your buying before you buy it.

Our customers deserve the very best, says Mr. Richardson, I feel that we have definitely moved towards a more friendlier and informative way to shop.

To see if your stuffed animal is in HD simply click the HD Video tab next to the description. New HD video clips are added daily.

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NEW: GUND Stuffed Animals

January 13, 2009
Gund has introduced a new line of stuffed jungle animals known as "Jeepers Peepers." These adorable patented eyes appear to follow your every move. This line of jungle animals include JP Tigris , JP Wildfire , and JP Clive.

These adorable GUND stuffed animals are now available in our Jungle Department. Please stop by and enjoy a closer look at these elusive yet cuddly little animals.

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