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Sneak Peak: Snuggle-Ups by Purr-fection

April 14, 2010
Purr-fection by MJC has announced their new line of plush teddy bears called Snuggle-Ups.

With over 12 unique styles to be released we were fortunate enough to sample this adorable fella called Braden.

Softness and looks are the first thing that captured our attention.  Purr-fection chose an extraordinarily soft plush with a warm pleasing feel.  Stuffing inside maintains the bears shape but still allows for it to be placed in a posable position ( shown right ).

We particularly enjoyed the eyes, which truly bring the bear to life.  A slightly longer torso gives the teddy bear a very unique look and style. 

Purr-fection by MJC has done an excellent job on this new line of teddy bears.  We look forward to Snuggling-Up to Braden's other friends.

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BEAMERZZZ Flashlight Panda Bear and Monkey July 18, 2009
Purr-fection by MJC has just released two additions to their popular line of BEAMERZZZ Flashlight Teddy Bears.  The BEAMERZZZ Flashlight Panda Bear and Flashlight Monkey feature an LED flashlight discreetly built into the paw of the teddy bear and monkey.  The 'BZ' logo activates the LED with a simple squeeze.

Softness was not compromised in the BEAMERZZZ line of teddy bears, the LED technology allows for a small unobtrusive light to be built into the paw while allowing for maximum lighting.  Batteries are unaccessible to small children as they are sewn into the teddy bear.  Average battery life is expected to be 2 years.

BEAMERZZ Flashlight Panda Bear and Flashlight Monkey come in two sizes. BEAMERZZZ is a trademark of Purr-fection by MJC.

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HD Teddy Bears

January 31, 2009
CuddleWorks is proud to announce the latest innovation in online shopping. HD Teddy Bears allow our customers to view the entire teddy bear in a 360 degree Hi-Def view. Know exactly what your buying before you buy it.

Our customers deserve the very best, says Mr. Richardson, I feel that we have definitely moved towards a more friendlier and informative way to shop.

To see if your teddy bear is in HD simply click the HD Video tab next to the description. New HD video clips are added daily.

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Valentines For Kids

January 16, 2009
Our new Valentines For Kids gift bags have arrived! These fun and cuddly Valentines Day gift packs include a kid-size teddy bear, candy hearts in a sealed box, and two Valentines Day pencils. Wrap them up in a heart-themed gift bag and you have the perfect gift - just for kids!

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Valentines Day Teddy Bears Coming Soon!

January 5, 2009
CuddleWorks will be introducing several new Valentines Day Gift Packages within the next few weeks.

We are extremely excited over our latest plan to introduce several new Valentines Day teddy bears which will include a Valentines gift bag, chocolates, and a red silk rose.

In addition to our sweetheart packages aimed more towards the adults, we will also be rolling out a Valentine For Kids Gift Bag. This will be the perfect size teddy bear with a few extra gifts inside. Our Valentines Day Teddy Bears are expected to arrive mid-January. Please check back regularly as last years Valentines packages sold out fast.

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