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Aquatic Wonders by GUND

June 10, 2009

GUND has released five new stuffed sea animals in their Aquatic Wonders line of plush toys. Each sea animal has a lovable and unique look that only GUND has a way of pulling off. These plush toys include a white plush seal, dressed for success penguin, ocean blue dolphin, and a gray shark. We will take a look at the GUND Aquatic Wonders Seal and Penguin below.

Our first impression of this stuffed seal is that he definitely has a look of innocence about him. His sad black eyes, and defenseless posture makes the strongest of hearts melt.

GUND is well known for using eye size and positioning to bring out their desired expression of a plush toy. In this case you sense the helplessness of the seal.

Additional features include a beautiful white plush offset by the black nose and whiskers along with a soft pillow like stuffing.

GUND takes a more playful approach to their stuffed penguins. With his head tilted slightly back and a smaller set of eyes, this plush penguin appears to be having fun on the ice.

GUND follows traditional lines with playfulness and penguins, just as they had done with innocence and seals above. You truly feel the mood of this stuffed penguin just by the eyes and tilted beak.

Additional features of this GUND penguin include a plump squishy body, black over white plush, and gray feet for accent.

Aquatic Wonders Seal and Penguin are sure to make a splash wherever you may find them. Congratulations GUND on another well done product line.

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Baby GUND Has Arrived!

March 1, 2009
CuddleWorks is proud to introduce over 30 new cuddly baby safe teddy bears, baby blankets, baby towels and more. Baby GUND has introduced their new line of SecureSnugs blankets, Lovable Hugs, and Comfy Cozy.

These adorable teddy bears and baby blankets by Baby GUND always make the perfect baby shower and newborn baby gift. To see Baby GUND products click here

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More Baby GUND Coming Soon

January 3, 2009
Baby GUND has just released their new line of My First Teddy baby teddy bears. These soft plush baby safe teddy bears feature a new embroidered logo with My First Teddy.

In addition to the new line of teddy bears, CuddleWorks will be expanding our ever popular baby blankets to include more styles and colors to choose from. When you want the very best for your baby you choose Baby GUND.

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